Experiential learning through overnight, high adventure camps in the outdoor or individualized programs as an on-site activity: together, we master challenges, experience community and think about life.


What awaits you


Alongside our qualified staff, young people are led into challenging environments that expand their boundaries. This includes outdoor activities such as canoeing, rock climbing, caving and hiking in the mountains. Campers learn to face their emotions, discover new talents, develop their character, and experience the perseverance needed to overcome challenges.


Young people learn to take responsibility for their decisions throughout their adventures, around the campfire, while cooking together or hiking up a mountain peak. They learn the effects their decisions have upon their own lives and on those within their group. Through professional guidance and mentoring, we promote social commitment, and we encourage the participants in building trust in themselves while building others up. The campers learn to value mutual respect and appreciation.


We help our participants reflect on their experiences and encourage them to think constructively about their own lives. The program is enhanced by conversations about relevant life issues. The concepts of Christian love, community and personal experience serve as the basis for reflection.


Challenges in the outdoors.
Intensive community accompanied by evenings around the campfire.
Simplified living and group prepared meals in rustic cabins in the mountains.
Activities depending on the weather e.g. rock climbing, canoeing, caving and hiking.


Adventures on a horse ranch with group prepared meals.
Intensive community accompanied by evenings around the campfire.
Outdoor activities including canoeing, rock climbing and interactions with the horses.
Exclusively for girls and young women.

Target group:

Males and females ages 13-18

Group size:

Usually up to 15 people, larger groups possible by arrangement


Usually 5 days (4 nights)

Price upon inquiry:

Camps are $200 per camper. Scholarships from donations may be available upon consideration.


Contact us at for updates on scheduled activities throughout the year.


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